Friday, October 15, 2010

Midterm Madness

I recently completed my midterm exams for both of this semester's classes. That means it will be all downhill from here! I feel like I'm handling the course load pretty well. It's been far less stressful than last semester. Which brings me to my next dilemma... What the heck should I do next semester?? I suppose my options include 2 classes, 1 class, or no classes.

2 classes - I can start by ruling this one out. The aforementioned PE Exam makes that impossible. Even I have limits.

1 class - This is the option that I feel myself wanting to choose. I like making progress. I like knowing that every semester I'm stepping closer toward the finish line. I've already promised my own mind that I'll graduate in May 2013. But I also know that the PE Exam is critically important, and I don't want to jeopardize my chances for success on this exam.

No classes - This is the most responsible choice. I could devote my efforts toward studying for the PE without the added burden of more coursework. I've already checked with my advisor, and he doesn't think it would be a problem to put things on hold for a semester.

I suppose now that I've written it out, my decision seems obvious. There is no point in stretching myself beyond my limits just because of my own hesitation to take a break. I could always "double up" in some future semester to make up for it, and still meet my anticipated graduation date. I've got to focus on the PE in the spring, and then I can get back to this Master's degree business next fall.